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Dedicated to your Good Health

Your good health is my top priority. As a practicing physician, my goal is to prevent disease whenever possible, to help the sick, and to give comfort at the end of life. My advice to everyone is to follow the ABC's of good health throughout your entire life. This means that you should:
A - stay active. Exercise. Do active things every day to keep your blood flowing and your muscles strong. Breath in fresh air and enjoy the feeling of health from exercise!
B - watch your blood pressure. This means that you must measure your blood pressure regularly because usually blood pressure goes up with age, and we don't notice. High blood pressure can be effectively treated, and as a result you are less likely to die prematurely from heart disease or stroke.
C - check your cholesterol regularly. High cholesterol, like high blood pressure, isn't something we can feel. Rather, it needs to be measured. High cholesterol can be genetic, and it puts you at increased risk of many disease, p…

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