Friday, November 11, 2022

Find the Joy


I don’t know why it happened.
Where it’s going, a mystery.
Somewhere there’s an answer,
But the hurt is still inside.

And time just keeps on passing,
I can’t escape it, I want to take you.
Together we will always be.
The love we have, it makes us both so

Just wait and see, love will 
Keep us together so
Find the joy. It’s still there.

Why do bad things happen?
No reason or rhyme, it’s bigger than us, but
Together we will find our way
To the light, we’ll smile and both be so

Just wait and see,
We’re together, laughing and
Happy, we're
Full of joy. It’s out there.

Our story is still unraveling.
The ups and downs, the turnarounds.
Transcending and overcoming, 
Nothing can stop the love we share.

I don’t know why it happened, 
But you and me, it’s no mystery, we're
Together forever,
We’ll wander & find our joy, it’s still inside making us

We’re full of smiles,
We’re laughing together and
We found the joy. It’s still there.

I’m so glad that you happened.
You’ve filled my life, it’s overflowing.
I’ll stay by your side forever.
Whatever comes next we’ll see.


Quantum entanglement describes how two particles can be linked together in spite of a separation of billions of light-years of space (1). Although this phenomenon is an observable scientific finding, does its also explain our deep connections with other people, with nature, with everything we love? Quantum theory may just possibly explain how we experience these connections that persist beyond time. 

When I was an intern at Cape Fear Valley Hospital in North Carolina, one of my patients passed away. While the death was not unexpected, nevertheless, it profoundly affected me. When discussing this with the unit clerk of the hospital wing, she simply told me that my patient had gone to a better place. Not dead. Not the end. Just to a better place. Although my religious faith believed in life after death, her great, unshakable certainty surprised me. She taught me a lifelong lesson. The love entanglements we have supercede life and death. 

Find the Joy reflects on a lifetime of experiences where as a physician I’ve had to intimately face and share with others great tragedy, pain, and suffering. How can we find the strength and the peace to go on? How can we get past grief and keep our spirits strong and intact? It’s challenging.

I believe that love is the most powerful force in the universe, that it  overcomes everything, and that it has both a spiritual and scientific basis. Quantum field theory  seems to explain just how waves of love can transcend space and time.  And our spirits can sense this. We can feel these timeless connections of love, these inescapable entanglements. 

As the French Jesuit priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin said, we are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience. So as we realize that our spirit is our core essence, we find meaning in spite of sadness. From the ashes of tragedy sparks an eternal flame. 

Find the joy. It’s still there.

- TFH 11/5/2022

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