Thursday, July 27, 2023

We Thank You Lord

As we cultivate gratitude for our gifts, we overcome obstacles to serving others. A dying patient's courage reminds us that we can provide comfort and strength even in dire circumstances.

Healing Gifts

In the still of the night, a melody rises, 

Notes of comfort to soothe weary souls.

My hands are rough, but with care, I apply

Balms to the hurting, making spirits whole.

Mysterious the workings of mind and soul,

Questioning always as we grow old. 

Yet with knowledge and skill, we ease our pain, 

And music's sweet waves bring joy again.

A teacher shares their gifts of learning,

Lighting a spark of insight yearning.

And songs that speak of what's unsaid,

Lift the sick from their weary beds.

So let's give thanks for each talent and skill,

For gifts that cure in a friendly way.

We share our blessings as best we are able,

We'll scatter darkness; we'll bring brighter days.

With compassion and care, we dry up tears,

With love in our songs, we calm anxious fears. 

Our gifts flourish when freely given, 

They bring hope, joy, and reasons for living.

So use your talents well, whatever they be,  

To serve one another, to help those in need.

Lift your soul, offer care and might,

Fill the world with your healing light. 

Heston, Thomas F. (1985). We Thank You Lord. Zenodo.