Friday, August 18, 2023

Key Updates to Breast Scintigraphy Imaging Guidelines Released

The Society of Nuclear Medicine recently updated its guidelines for the optimal use of breast scintigraphy with dedicated gamma cameras. The guidelines provide recommendations on appropriate patient selection, radiotracer dosing, imaging techniques, interpretation criteria, and reporting. Specific clinical indications are outlined, like cancer staging, high-risk screening, and assessing therapy response. Details on personnel qualifications, protocols, radiation safety measures, and quality assurance are included. The updated guidelines aim to promote the effective use of nuclear medicine for detecting breast cancer. Clinicians should review them to implement best practices.

S. J. Goldsmith, W. Parsons, M. J. Guiberteau, L. H. Stern, L. Lanzkowsky, J. Weigert, T. F. Heston, E. Jones, J. Buscombe, M. G. Stabin

Journal of Nuclear Medicine Technology, November 2010, Society of Nuclear Medicine

DOI: 10.2967/jnmt.110.082271